New eviction rules in effect to protect Ontario tenants

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Ontario Government

New tenant protections come into effect today that place more requirements on landlords evicting them.

When a landlord evicts a tenant to use the unit themselves or for a family member, they have to now give the tenant one month's rent as compensation.

Alternatively, the landlord could offer the tenant another acceptable rental unit.

As well, the landlord is required to express intent to occupy the unit for at least a year, which the government says will discourage landlords from converting the unit into a short-term rental or immediately re-renting it at a higher rate.

If the landlord advertises, re-rents, demolishes or converts the unit within a year they could face a fine of up to $25,000.

The changes are part of the government's housing plan announced this spring, which included expanding rent controls to all rental units, not just those built before 1991, per the previous rule.

Source: The Canadian Press / CTV

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